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Most people like music and can appreciate good quality of sound. However, audiophile-quality sound systems, speakers and earphones can be horribly expensive. Do they have to be?  We believe they do not.  The weakest link of every sound system is a speaker. Until now, audiophile-quality speakers have required a lot of work, know-how and so they tend to be pricey.  At Ancient Audio, we had a dream to present excellent sound quality to everybody who can appreciate it at a price they can afford.  We combined over thirty years of our experience designing top-notch high-end HiFi systems with a breakthrough software approach. This way, we can correct speaker imperfections allowing our clients to enjoy the perfect sound of music of their choice without the aftertaste resulting from spending a small fortune.



AAL System is a unique application developed at Ancient Audio Laboratories System that provides you with sound quality comparable to or better than the best high-end Hi-Fi systems out of your mid-range headphones or speakers. Our application is parametrized to the hardware you own.



Founded in 1994 Ancient Audio has been a leading designer and manufacturer of state the art audiophile systems.   In 2020 we decided to launch a software division dedicated to democratizing access to top-notch sound.   We can now invite you to enjoy the true sound of your music by downloading our unique AAL application. 

For more information about Ancient Audio please visit www.ancientaudio.eu



ul. Malawskiego 50, 31-471 Kraków, Poland

tel: +48 601 330 003

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Q: What is so special about your application?
A: It corrects speaker imperfections by software means

Q: What is your advantage over other similar applications?
A: There are no similar applications on the market.

Q: I am interested, what do I do as a next step?

A: Please contact us at contact@ancientaudio.eu, we will be happy to send you a link so you can download the application.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Do not worry, you can afford it :-)

Q: Do I need to buy new set of headphones, how expensive will they be?

A: Your current headphones are fine (as long as they work properly).  You do not need to invest in new hardware, you just need to install our application

Q: How do I set up the application? 
A: The application automatically matches to your hardware, the process is similar is similar to installing a new printer to your computer